Lavender Dream

Simple, relaxing, and absolutely soothing. Take a slow ride to dreamland soaring through clouds of lavender with this smooth bar. You will be satiated.


 Hibiscus Heartthrob

Enrapture yourself with a cool breeze from the Tropic of Cancer carried on the floral scent of jasmine and a hint of lusty patchouli, laced with crushed hibiscus petals.


 Neroli Sunshine

Our euphoric neroli and bergamot blend is enchantingly sweet, refreshingly bright, finished with a citrus swirl of organic lemon and orange rind. It is reminiscent of an orange grove in full bloom. Great in the morning to get you revved up.


 Chocolate Magic

Swoon central! A heady and addictive selection with earthy vetiver and luscious vanilla boasting a dark chocolate swirl, this gorgeous bar is so delicious it will arouse your senses, and render you spellbound. Make sure you share it with a good friend.


 The Man Bar

Ladies and men, this warm, subtle, yet assertive bar is for both of you. It is slightly spicy, and steadfastly grounding.

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