Venus Bars wants to initiate you into a new realm of soap - wild, unrestrained, and luxurious. Our hand made process means all soaps are stirred and cut by hand, giving us an intimate relationship with the saponification process wherein scent, oil, and water become soap. This personal process produces a distinct, rich, unique, and truly remarkable soap. There are a lot of “natural soaps” on the market, but none of them transport you to the corporeal realm you will find yourself in after using one of our soaps. One use will turn you on to the sensual experience of soap that we have discovered.


We at Venus Bars have 16 years of soap making experience. We have always made soap by hand using all natural ingredients. Never have we even considered using anything but the highest quality vegetable derived base oils and essential oils. We abhor the use of offensive, chemically produced, synthetic “fragrance.” All of our scents are blended with a perfumist’s acute sense of aroma-licious alchemy. Our soaps smell so good, people have mistaken them for tasty edible treats before. During our soap making adventure, we realized we could make awesome bars of soap using amazingly silky, moisturizing oils.


Of course we started out making the same boring bars of soap you see everywhere using only coconut, palm, and other pedestrian oils. As we explored different oils, we discovered an absolutely exciting blend of rich, moisturizing, emollient oils. The oils and plant products we use in our soaps are additionally chosen for their magical properties of love, healing, peace, protection, lust, and fertility. Yes, this soap is indeed truly magical. Our amazing ride brought us to the destination of a blend of French avocado, Italian olive, coconut, palm, apricot, Hawaiian kukui nut, African shea butter, and vitamin E oils. Venus bars are so luxurious because our soaps have 25% avocado oil and 25% olive oil. Our oil blend is costly and probably the reason other soap makers do not use these oils, but we wouldn’t dream of not using great oils. We are transported every time we indulge in one of our amazing soaps, and we invite you to join us on our wild, luxurious ride.

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